The public concern for healthy and safe food items has risen markedly in the recent years.  Today more people are opting out for organic products when they purchase such items as vegetables, meat, and other food staples.  However, the mere labeling of food items as gorganich does not assure safety; thus, the mistrust on the part of the buying public continues to be high and their demand for guaranteed food safety is rising widely. 


To respond to such a concern of the buying public, ADiRECT has developed a computer-based data control system, TRACERABILITY System capable of keeping track throughout the production and delivery processes of food items, so that their reliability for safety and high quality standard can be assured.  ADiRECT is dedicated to the proposition of delivering excellent Japanese food items to all over the globe under the motto of gDelivering Safe and High Quality Food Items to the People of the World.h


As its inaugural event in the U.S.A., ADiRECT will hold a reception to introduce some excellent food products from Japan. Featured products will include gPremium Wagyu Beefh – the most highly cherished beef in Japan, gEco Conscious Riceh from Shiga Prefecture - recognized at the AICHI WORLD EXPO 2005 as an exemplary product for its environment-friendly characteristic, gInaniwa Udonh noodle from Akita Prefecture, and gAguni no Shioh salt from Okinawa Prefecture. 


You are cordially invited to attend this ADiRECT reception event that will be held at the Riviera Country Club, widely known as the venue of the world-famous Los Angeles Open.  Please come and enjoy the gorgeous view of Rivierafs, while you are introduced to the most refined food items from Japan that would surely elevate your palate to a new height.  We are confident that, once you learn the level of refinement present in these food items, you would definitely want to add them to your already excellent menu items and thus assure the most pleasant dining experience for your patrons. 


Date and Time:        May 25, Thursday, 2:00 p.m. ~ 4:00 p.m.

Place:                     RIVIERA Country Club, Ball Room and Patio

Guests:                   Invitation Only (Restaurateurs, Food Distributors, Media, and Others)

Contact:               Ted Wakao / e-mail:, Tel:310-375-0200

                              Paul Dojo / email: , Cell:310-266-7836

Featured Food:      Wagyu Beef, Sushi and Other Finger Foods

l       Various Japanese premium Sake (by Mutual Trading Co., Inc. and Jizake Inc.)

l       Guest chefs: Chaya, Katana, Takao, Riviera C.C.

Event Schedule:       1) Beef-cutting Demonstration (@ 2:45 p.m. and 3:20 p.m.)

                              2) Presentation: (a) gThe Premium Wagyuh  (b) gTracerabilityh (@ 3:00 p.m.)

Host Organization:        Supporting Organizations: